Friday, July 11, 2008

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This blog is now defunct; further entries will be made on the new blog:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Transfer decisions are ready!

Applicants can log into the online application to retrieve their decisions. We ended up admitting around 40 students each round, early and regular. A small handful of students were wait listed, and you can claim your spot on the waiting list online. We also put decisions in the mail last Friday. Even if you didn't get an email notifying you that your decision was ready to check online, your decision is ready to check online.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Transfer credentials are closed

In case you didn't notice, credentials closed on April 30. If you have further questions about your credentials, please call the office at 773-702-8650 or email

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Transfer decisions are available!

Early action transfer decisions are available online -- just log into the online application to view your decision letter. We also put paper decisions in the mail yesterday. We also sent an email (which you probably got) an hour and a half ago notifying you that it's high time to log into the Uncommon Application and check your decision. So, if we received an early action application from you... log in and check your decision!

A few notes for admitted students...

Transfer credit - transfer credit evaluations will be sent out next week, so watch for those.

Financial aid - we will not be sending any financial aid decisions until after May 1 when we get the freshmen out of the door. If this is an issue, or you're worried about your application being complete or correct, you should call the aid office at 773-702-8655.

Transfer credentials are open

Regular notification transfer applicants can now check their credentials online by logging into the online application and clicking "Check credentials."

However! We are still processing credentials, so there is no need to resend anything that is missing (unless, of course, you know for a fact that you forgot to send it in the first place.)

Later this month we will finish our work and encourage students whose applications remain incomplete to send us missing documents. Until then, there is no need to do anything.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Credentials are open!

Early action transfer applicants can check their credentials by logging into the online application and clicking Check Credentials.

If something is missing, we need it to be resent. It doesn't matter if you didn't send it, if you thought you sent it, if you obviously sent it and it fell behind the office couch - we need it. Many documents can be faxed or even emailed to get them here faster, but some cannot.

Documents that can be emailed or faxed:

Email: (please include a subject line)
Domestic Fax: 773-702-8599
International Fax: 773-702-4704
  • Application for Admission: Form 1
  • Three Essays
  • Secondary School Report: Form 2
  • Dean of Students' Recommendation: Form 3A
  • College Instructor's Recommendation: Form 3B
  • College Instructor's Recommendation: Form 3C
  • College/University Courses: Form 3D
  • SAT/ACT score report
Documents that must be mailed:
  • $60 fee (please make checks out to The University of Chicago)
  • College or high school transcript
In a few days we'll send an email to students whose applications remain incomplete. Credentials checking will close again on April 1 as we prepare to send decisions.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Baseball team's trip to Japan

There was a pretty cool article in the Chicago Tribune the other day about our baseball team's spring break trip to Japan. In turns out that they're revisiting a rivalry started back in 1910. I hope they do OK!